Ep 2014

by No Chaser

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released October 31, 2014



all rights reserved


No Chaser Montreal, Québec

No chaser is an all girl punk rock band straigh outta Montreal!!
We're here to make you go wild, have fun, dance, trash, headbang, whatever!

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Track Name: Dirty socks & wine
I know
What you want
I know
What you need
I know
Who I am
Like a rolling stone with no place to go
But the bottom of a sleeping bag
That's where you might find
Those dirty socks and wine
Corporate grass cut through the glass
Little birdie in my hand
Alcohol stain inside the van
Those dirty socks and wine
Out rolls the whiskey misguided profits
Dry and forgotten
Everyone is rotten
Dirty socks and wine
Track Name: Eat My Fist
Process of domination
Your sailing is failing
An armed exploitation
Your settlement won't commence
A damage plan
To rule the land
From afar one single man
A homepower with greedy hands
Decimate any prior plans
Secure and strategise some lies
Residents get pushed aside
Expand the corporate butterflies
A new system to formalise
You can't pierce my mind
With your sexist, racist lies
Ill cry out in my songs
And others start to sing along
We refuse to be your pawns
And walk the line you've drawn
Next time you try oppression
Remember this EAT MY FIST
Track Name: Wake Up
Wake Up
Wake up from the dream
Turn off your tv
Look in the mirror and what do you see?
A forced mind state
Now its too late
Hook and its bait
Waiting to be played
Media is fixed
Never alone
Watch every move
Wherever you go
Income is low
Work it to the bone
Eyes are open but
Nobodys home
Do or die on the runway you strut
Live by the knife, you're going to get cut
But what choice do we have
What knowledge do we possess
To spread to the world
Of all of the oppressed?
Media is fixed
Never alone
Watch every move
Wherever you go
Income is low
Work it to the bone
Eyes are open but nobodys home
Track Name: Hated States
Hated States
No more black and white living
No more 9-5 dieing
No more rich and poor fighting
No more hate, Hated states
No more borders permitting
No more politicians running
No more citizens crying
No more hate, Hated states
No more
No more rules guiding our lives
No more bombs flying up high
No more families hard done by
No more hate, Hated states
No more pushers of religion
No more sickness its forbidden
No more poverty good riddance
No more hate, Hated states
No more
No more hate, Hated states
Track Name: Lab Rat Army
Beginning with a theory
A one way, safe way out
A lab rat army forms tonight
He stands without a doubt
Pockets full of bait
To reach and preach solution
A lab rat army feeds tonight
There is no substitution
He shows you how to think
Conditions so you listen
A lab rat army grows tonight
His plot begins to thicken
Mistakes are quickly made
Your freedom is now forbidden
A lab rat army dies tonight
All the deaths are hidden
Out smarted at the top
All contorted and distorted
The lab rat army attacks and wins
The cycle has been broken
But the cycle keeps on going
No one sees, they just believe
But a lab rat army remains an army
Fuck the elite